IPF World Week

IPF WORLD WEEK 2016: from Saturday September 17th to Sunday September 25th


  • Creating a national and international network of people working to support patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  • Developing a map of the Centers of Excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of IPF.
  • Raising awareness, inform, train, guide stakeholders towards this social emergency.
  • Offering support and tools to patients and their families to cope better with this disease.
  • Promoting a culture of “donation” in collaboration with the organ donors associations.
  • Promoting social awareness and sensitivity towards the dangers of smoking in collaboration with the Anti-Smoking Centers.
  • Stimulating awareness on the voluntary sector, with particular reference to the needs of the rare disease patients.
  • Promoting the knowledge on the new frontiers of biology, medicine, social sciences, psychology, analysis, law, economics, communication, etc. regarding IPF.

    Read here the press release on the IPF World Week 2016

    Theme & Slogan 2016

    The theme to raise awareness on IPF is “Blowing soap bubbles” and the Slogan "Breath of Hope!".

    Blowing soap bubbles is a joyful activity. When you are healthy, it takes less than a second to blow bubbles. If you are a patient with IPF, this simple activity can be very challenging. The Breath of Hope Campaign aims to raise awareness of IPF while reminding about the importance of lung fitness/health.

    Blowing soap bubbles can be done alone or in a group/with your family/with your doctor/with your pet – one can blow big or small bubbles; one can blow them from a special location or while doing an activity.

    You can share your photos on the official Facebook or Twitter pages with the hashtag #IPFWorld

    Some initial ideas for the photo:

    • Get some members of your organization together and blow bubbles
    • Form the letters of IPF with people on a piece of grass while blowing bubbles
    • Get a family generation together (grandparents, parents, children) and blow different sizes of bubbles


“Blowing soap bubbles”: The 2016 Photo contest

Rules for submission

IPF World invites you all to participate to a photo contest. You can submit a picture that represents at its best the 2016 theme “blowing soap bubbles”. Photo entrees must be submitted starting from September 17, 2016 and no later than February 27, 2017.

The winning image will be used as key image across all the 2017 IPF World Week campaign materials.

Registration is open to everyone of any level of capability, experience or country of origin. Both professional and amateur photographers alike are encouraged to submit photos. The photo (in colour) needs to visualize a portrait of a subject blowing soap bubbles. You need to submit your images via the IPF World Week social media channels (Twitter: @IPFWorld and/or Facebook: @IPFWorld) with the #IPFWorld.

Selection Procedure

Patient associations participating to the ipfworld.org website will vote the winning photo and video. The winner will be informed via email and announced on the February 28, 2017, in occasion of the rare disease day.

Term and conditions

By submitting the pictures, participants are agreeing to give to IPF World the permission to use and reproduce the image. Upon IPFworld.org’s request, each entrant must be prepared to provide (within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of request) a signed release from all persons who appear in the photographs submitted, and/or from the owner of any material that appears in the photograph/video entry, authorizing IPFworld.org to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the entry in connection with the contest and promotion of the contest, in any media now or hereafter known.