Building a stronger voice for IPF

Sign up the European IPF Charter!

For the first time, IPF patient advocacy groups came together to develop a European IPF Charter in support of more standardised care and equal access to diagnosis, treatment and after care options for those with IPF in Europe. The Charter has been endorsed my medical experts who are actively involved in IPF management and we are currently  approaching various stakeholders to secure additional endorsement.

The European IPF Charter calls upon European institutions and national governments to guarantee patients’ rights to early diagnosis, access to care including medication and lung transplantation, standardised management of IPF, high-quality information and improved access to palliative and end-of-life care. The Charter lays down concrete recommendations that, if adopted, would ensure improvements in IPF patients’ quality of life, whilst supporting efforts to develop better long-term treatments and ultimately find a cure.


To make these recommendations a reality, we aim at gathering 35,000 signatures to represent the number of new cases diagnosed every year in Europe. To learn more about the Charter and sign it, please click here  

You can make the difference!